Pen Camera or Spy Sunglasses in pakistan overview |Pen Camera or Spy price

Pen Camera or Spy Sunglasses in pakistan overview |Pen Camera or Spy price
Today technology you no longer have to be kept in the dark about what’s going on in your private spaces. Spy pen cameras are no longer just a part of the fictional spy world but available in a variety of places the world over.Spy pen cameras in pakistan are one of the many types of hidden, wireless cameras. Like spy camera glasses, spy pen cameras are most useful when you want to carry out an investigation without the knowledge of anyone seeing you. The camera in this case is hidden in the pen, which actually doubles as a real working pen. You can keep the pen on your person, on the desk, or even write with it all while the camera captures the image you are focusing on and transmits it.
Spy pen cameras should satisfy the requisites of a mini hidden camera. Size and weight are obvious characteristics. The Spy pen cameras have good resolution, range, and battery life and should operate under poor lighting conditions.
Spy pen cameras are popular beacuse Today use of video is world wide, with many video sites online, so video is now an accepted part of the world, and it’s not uncommon for practical jokes or other types of video clips to be available online, and many of these clips were done with small inconspicuous cameras.
You can find a variety of small video cameras available including those that look like a pen, pencil, clocks, remote controls and just about anything else. Often parents worry about house keepers, landscapers and others that have access to their home and a spy camera may be just the thing to help find out what’s going on in your home.
Spy pen cameras Features
720×480 Pixel High definition video recording function with voice
Video date can be saved and used as flash disk.
Video data with date and time.
lid, light to carry with.
Easy to write, writing fluently.
Recording frames: 30 FPS
Image ratio: 4:3
Recording format: AVI
Video encoding: M-JPEG
Photo format: JPG
Webcam: 1080
Memory: Comes with 4GB External Memory Card (expandable to 16 GB)
Transfer interface:Mini 5pin USB
How To Use Spy pen cameras
A Spy pen cameras is easy to install and doesn’t cost that much nowadays either. It’s as simple as using your cell phone or turning on a dial.Installing only one camera may not always give you the real truth. You may just watch a clip of 1 minute and think that nanny is taking care of your baby properly. However, there is something which took place in the other room, where there was no camera, because of which the nanny reacted in a particular manner. To know the real truth, it is always advised to use several home spy cameras, if you actually want to spy the nanny successfully.Even if you are not a professional investigator, pen cameras could be of use to you. You could take it to meetings, scan and capture documents, or even use it to record what your spouse said to you. has offered real customer support to discuss about any issue by phone and by Live Chat 24/7 . You can buy Spy pen cameras in pakistan through our original webiste online delivery . Spy pen cameras price in pakistan is just RS 8999 .


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